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Medical Services

Zulene's offers Physical Examinations for Women of all ages. This includes School Physicals for your blossoming teen. Remember, even if you have been told you only need your pap smear every two years, you should have a breast examination and pelvic examination every year once you have passed age 35.

As a Woman's Health Nurse Practitioner, Zulene is able to perform your pap smear (Thin Prep), help you to decide what type of birth control you might want (to include IUD insertion) with referrals for perminant sterilization if requested, discuss hormone replacement (conventional or Bio Identical), order mammograms and bone density examinations, evaluate your abnormal vaginal bleeding (perform endometrial biopsies if needed), make referrals to physicians as conditions warrant.


Minor Skin Irregularities

Zulene's now offers the latest in technology for the removal of Fibromas, Xanthelasma (cholesterol deposits that frequently form around your eyes), Sebaceous Hyperplasia, Hemangiomas, Telangiestasias (small superficial "spider veins"). Removal is quick and involves only minimal discomfort.

Botulinum Toxin A for Migraine Headaches and TMJ

Zulene's has been having great results in the treatment of migraine headaches (as well as hyperhydrosis and TMJ) with Botulinum Toxin A (Botox and Xeomin).

The good news is that the insurance companies have been helping to pay for your treatments in many cases.


Zulene's offers immunizations for the following: Flu, Pneumonia, Tetanus, and Gardisil.

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Teen with Clear Skin

Acne and Rosacea Treatment

Zulene's offers the Physiodermie skin care techniques and product lines for both Acne and Rosacea treatment. Physiodermie Skin Care Line was developed in Geneva, Switzerland in 1974 and consists of a variety of products, with the highest quality of ingredients, designed to be applied using the philosophy of balancing skin care with the physiology and morphology. Because Rosacea is very sensitive to manipulation of the skin, Physidermie has developed an entire line of products especially for Rosacea. This includes a non-invasive skin peel. Physiodermie does not support blackhead extractions. They have developed products to dissolve blackheads, which in turn, protects the skin from further damage caused from extractions.